Physical Break!

Jacob is now able to walk up the stairs holding the railing and he can also walk down the stairs while holding my hand and the railing.  We’ve been working hard on this exercise so that his walking can become more stable and not quite so erratic.  It has helped quite a bit but it hasn’t completely corrected everything.  He’s still a little wobbly but with more time it will get better.

We worked with a step stool today.  We had him step up and over it to get different puzzle pieces and then bring them back and step back over and put the puzzle pieces in the board.  He did well when we let him go on and off the stool with his left side, but he could only do it about 5 times when we made him go up with his right side.  He balance started to be very poor and he started to fall a lot.  That’s when we let him take a break for a few minutes and then we went back at it.

I need to just keep working on the same exercises and stretches that we’ve been doing.  I guess we’ll start seeing more improvement as time goes by.


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