Giving Thanks

We had a great F.H.E. this evening.  Benjamin came up with this great idea of how to recognize our blessings, so I spent about an hour drawing and cutting out different colored leaves so that we could talk about all the different things that we are thankful for and write them down.

We positioned the leaves on our back door so that we can see them all the time.  I do have to say that I was quite impressed with some of the things that the kids came up with.  And just in-case you can’t read what’s written, I’ve included a list of everything that was written.

  1. President Monson
  2. Jacob
  3. My family
  4. My preschool
  5. My friends
  6. Benjamin
  7. Mrs. Guttman
  8. clothes
  9. F.H.E.
  10. Mikey Mike
  11. Atonement
  12. food (pizza, spaghetti)
  13. My body
  14. My house
  15. trees
  16. hugs and kisses
  17. Joseph
  18. My heart
  19. Amy Davies
  20. Jesus’ love
  21. good weather
  22. Mommy
  23. My school
  24. My toys
  25. sippy cup
  26. church
  27. animals
  28. Trissa
  29. My life
  30. the car
  31. My therapists (Kris, Rebecca, Kristin, Myrna)
  32. Jesus
  33. My bed
  34. My bear
  35. the pool
  36. My Sunbeam teacher (Amy)
  37. Daddy
  38. the temple
  39. the sun
  40. Emma
  41. nite-nite
  42. Papa
  43. Nana
  44. scriptures
  45. Grandma and Grandpa

I think this has become a family tradition that we can all enjoy doing every year!


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