Occupational Therapy

Oh boy am I tired!  But it was totally worth it this morning!!!

Today in OT we worked on Jacob’s upper body strength.  Jacob worked in a sitting position on the floor where she noticed that he occasionally rounded his back.  Once we pointed it out to him he corrected himself.

She brought a shape sorter that had velcro attached as an extra strengthening exercise for his fingers.  He got really frustrated with that activity which only surprised me when he wanted to do it again as she was leaving.  Silly boy!

She brought out these great Oreo cookie toys that you could open and close and manipulate.  He used his finger tips to open them but he would revert to using his palms to push them closed.  We just need to keep working on his fine finger movements, like the velcroed toys, to help him feel comfortable with using his fingers.

She introduced a new activity through the use of beans and puzzle pieces.  She mentioned that children suffering from hypotonia often don’t have the same sense of feeling in their hands that normal children do.  She wanted to see if that was the case with Jacob.  To do that, she took the puzzle pieces and hid them in the container of beans and then had Jacob search for them.  She noted that he couldn’t tell the difference between the smooth surface of the puzzle piece and the roundness of the beans because he wouldn’t get the puzzle piece without seeing it.  This was all over the course of 20 minutes, so there as adequate time for him to adjust and learn this new activity and what was being asked of him.  She said the best thing to do would be to focus on this exercise for the next two weeks and see if he makes any improvement.  So, I have my marching orders I just need to go out and buy a bag of uncooked beans or rice so that we can practice.


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