DS Check-up

Jacob has started to notice his mouth!  I say this with great enthusiasm because he is constantly drooling, and not because he’s teething.  With hypotonia it affects ALL the muscles in his body, including the ones in his mouth.  Consequently, his mouth hangs open which then causes him to drool all the time.  We’re so excited that he is discovering his mouth because he is now starting to wipe his own mouth.

Today we started working with the shape sorter.  He was able to do the sorter with about 80% accuracy.  I’m constantly reminded how smart he is even though he can’t communicate properly.

Next, we worked on matching colors.  Jacob used signs for “more” and “please” and started to make “mmm” sounds.  That’s a step in the right direction because he normally steers clear of all sounds that require him to move his lips.  His sounds are normally more guttural.

Kris wrapped her puzzle pieces in foil to help him work on his fine motor a little more.  I had him wheel barrow walk to the pieces, unwrap them, and then match the piece.  Kris mentions on her paper work, “Jacob is matching VERY well 🙂 !”

We need to keep working on sounds and climbing the stairs.


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