When Benjamin was about Joseph’s age, actually a little younger, it was just before his third birthday that he had memorized ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I’ve always tried to encourage the kids to start memorizing poems, songs lyrics, commercials, etc. to help train their brains.

Since Joseph is starting to show an interest in regular school work, I thought now would be a good time to start memorizing some stuff.  We started off learning the “1,2 buckle my shoe” nursery rhyme a couple of weeks ago.  He could never recite it during the week that we learned it.  It wasn’t until last week that he started to just randomly recite it around the house.  Since he finally was starting to get the idea of what was being asked of him, I decided to start him on some commercials and show him how to put emphasis on certain words.

After going over the commercial with him for about 15 minutes he had it completely memorized!  I recorded it and sent it to Jared at work.

“When I help my mom with the laundry
She always uses Downy Fabric Softener.
I’m not sure what this stuff is,
But it sure makes my clothes feel nice and soft!”


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