Thanksgiving 2010

This year we were fortunate to enjoy Thanksgiving with Jared’s family.  Everyone was in town except for his little sister, Rachel.  We missed her immensely but it was so wonderful to see aunts, uncles, cousins, and great grandparents.

I have to say that I have never had such a great time as I did at this last family gathering.  Everything was so easy and breezy, everyone was getting along and I think the kids are starting to get to an age where they are responding more to each other in different ways than just the typical “let’s play with toys”.

It was amazing to see Camille’s progress since her last stroke a couple of months ago.  She had lost the movement in her left hand and foot which has slowed her down tremendously, but I think it’s been for the better.  From what I saw while watching and listening to her, she’s in a good place and is making this very negative experience work to her benefit.

I I I I I I I I I did think it a little interesting to hear the different exercises she’s now doing in physical therapy and how similar it all was to what we are doing with little Jacob.  She was expressing some of her frustrations with her therapy and it made me think that some of those same thought and feelings are probably what Jacob is experiencing from time to time.

All the cousins got together and played a rousing game of “Mouse Trap” which I think I can safely say is their favorite game to play with Grandma.  It seems to be that or “Hungry Hungry Hippo” which I tried to keep put away so that little babies wouldn’t get all hungry themselves and try to eat the little marbles.

Now that there are nine (soon to be ten) grandkids, it’s nice to sit back and watch them all interact.  They don’t get to see each other that often but when they do its great entertainment.  It was cute to watch Hannah and Benjamin whisper secrets to one another, watch Emma follow Hannah around like an adoring puppy, see Joseph show LJ the proper way to turn a Leggo into a gun, and so many other things.









We had so many chefs in the kitchen!  If you wanted to keep your head you just steered clear of the kitchen.  People did their signature dishes that they make every Thanksgiving.  John made the mashed potatoes, Grandma Pat made her gravy, Dad made his cranberry sauce, Camille made her buttery flakey goodness (rolls), and Mom made the turkey!

We all got to listen to Great Grandpa Les tell stories and talk to us about anything and everything.  He turns 80 in a couple of weeks, so on top of celebrating Thanksgiving we are also celebrating his birthday!  The one thing he wanted for his birthday was one on one time with each of the kids.  It was nice to be able to visit with him and listen to some of the things that he had to say.

I think that Emma stole his heart when she climbed into his lap and just layed on his chest!  I don’t know where this little angel came from but we sure are blessed to have her in our family!

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without PIE!!!  After dinner we all had to clean up so that we could make room for the most important course of the dinner.  Jacob found a nice little corner in the kitchen and played with his car and Buzz Lightyear.






And then came the PIE!!!  We had pecan, pumpkin, cheesecake, banana cream, and loads more.  Needless to say the kids had their fair share of sweets and looked adorable while eating them.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m so thankful for friends, family, and my Savior. Right now I’m most thankful for the doctors that have invested so many hours into helping our little Jacob.  Thank you for your prayers on his behalf and your constant moral support.

I’ll leave you with a video of the Johnson children!  It’s fun to look back after a year has past and see how everyone has changed.  Kids change so much during these first years both physically and developmentally.  With all the babies that are in the family now it’s great to see them in motion and not just still life.


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One response to “Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Joan Combs

    I’ve really enjoyed watching your blog.. It’s fun to see all the things that are going on in your family and to watch them grow.. It’s good to hear of Jacob’s progress.. We live in a wonderful time and are so blessed to have all the help available to work with Jacob.. We love you guys and wish we could see you more often.. Maybe someday… Love you… G’ma Combs

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