Combs’ Family Portraits

Since everyone was scheduled to be in town, we decided to set a date and time to have some family pictures taken.

We ended up going to a beautiful park up in Summerlin that ended up worked great with the lighting, colors, and kids.  When taking pictures there are always so many factors that can make or break a picture but this park made things a lot easier.

I snapped a few pictures of my own so that we could enjoy them while we wait for the real pictures to be finished.  You know me, I can’t help myself!  I’m so glad that I did because the photographer didn’t get any of the cousins interacting, or of just my four, or how ridiculous we all looked trying to get seven little kids under the age of seven to try to smile and look at the camera.

I’ll post the real pictures when we get them back from the photographer in a couple of weeks.


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