Benjamin’s Seven

Today is Benjamin’s seventh birthday!  It’s absolutely crazy to think that this time next year he’ll be getting baptized.

Since Benjamin’s birthday is in December (holidays, kids out of school and on vacation) he’s never had a “friend party”.  He asked for one this year and I tried to explain to him that most of his friends are out-of-town or that I have no way of getting a hold of them.  He was so sweet when he continued to tell me that it didn’t have to be anything big, he just wanted to take one or two friends to go see Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  He’s really into that story right now (all the kids are) since we’re reading it at night together.  So to make a long story short, he and two of his friends are going to see “The Dawn Treader” tomorrow night at the theater.  He’s so excited about it, but I couldn’t just over look the day he was born, so we had cupcakes, family, and presents tonight.

Nana, Papa, and Sissa came over with presents!  I think it was kind of funny that Benjamin only asked for two things for Christmas or his birthday.  One was a robot ZURG that moved on wheels, the other was a shark hot wheels race track.  He got a robot BUZZ that moved on wheels yesterday from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, and Nana and Papa delivered on the race track.  Granted, it was a rattle snake and not a shark, but I’m sure he loved it just the same!  They also got him a great new pair of tennis shoes.  (The kids all call their tennis shoes “running shoes” because that’s what you do with them… you run!)

Emma came up with the great idea to get him a Webkinz, which will come in real handy when Santa brings us a computer for Christmas.  We found an Apatosaurus, which he has named Eddie.  He also got a Dude Diary and a small journal for him to start getting in the habit of writing things down so that next year, when he gets his journal for his baptism, he’ll actually put it to good use.

Since I spent so much time making dinosaur cupcakes for his class last week, I just made some simple chocolate with vanilla icing.  I sprinkled a little cocoa powder over the tops so that they looked like I spent more time on them than I really did 😉 .









He made his wish, blew out the candles, and passed out cupcakes to everyone!  It was so much fun just to hang out and relax with family.  The kids played with Benjamin’s new toys, but the most fun of all was watching Jacob eat his cupcake!










He was the cutest little thing to watch.  I gave him a cupcake while he was sitting at the table.  He started to pick it up, but then hesitated.  I’m assuming it’s because we’ve been working hard at home and with therapy on using our fork or spoon and not picking food up with our hands.  Whatever the reason, it was priceless!  He brought his face down to the table top and proceeded to eat the cupcake like that.

Now that Trissa’s home from college, it was nice to see her with the kids.  It’s been so long, but the kids had nothing but love for her.  Jacob was loving all the attention she was giving him, and don’t you love the new trick he has of squishing his eyes shut every time I tell him to “say cheese”!  I did manage to get a couple really cute shots of her and him together and a really beautiful one of her and Emma just as she was walking out the door!


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