Eleventh Day of Christmas

“On the ELEVENTH day of Christmas my true friend gave to me ELEVEN gingerbread men to keep me company.”

Tonight’s drop off was a little different from normal.  Different in a good way though 🙂 .  As we went up to the door to drop off the gingerbread men, we noticed a note on the door.  Jared got just a glimpse of the note before Emma (in her eagerness) knocked on the door and we had to run.  Jared grabbed a grocery bag that had been tied to the door knob and booked it.

We waited a while to make sure that they had come outside and then I went back to get the note and make sure that they had picked up the gift.  It tuned out that they hadn’t heard us so I took the note off the door and knocked a second time.  This time they did hear and got the gingerbread men.

It wasn’t until we got home that we opened the envelope and read the note inside.

We were all shocked to hear their circumstances.  We had gotten their name from the bishop because he said that they could really use the fellowshipping, but we weren’t expecting that this was going to be their Christmas.

You should have heard the kids talking about how they could give them some of their toys and talking about the things that they could do to help.  I have never been happier to be a mother than hearing them pitch in and be selfless together, especially at a very here’s-a-list-of-all-the-things-that-I-want time of year.

As we opened the grocery bag with their gift, I couldn’t help but notice how they had used masking tape and not even regular scotch tape.  It just went to reinforce everything that we had just read.  But inside was the most beautiful faberge egg.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially when she said that this was part of a collection that means the world to her.  Right there, we decided that we needed to extend our 12 Day of Christmas to 13 Days.  We thought that they needed to have something to actually unwrap come Christmas morning.  We came up with the idea to give them Christ for Christmas!  I know, a little too literal, but if it could help them feel closer to the Savior then it was worth the extra cheese.

We have a 12 inch Christus that we have decided to wrap up in a nice box and nice paper and leave that for them on Christmas morning.  It can go in place of her faberge eggs that she has been giving away just as her egg will go in place of our Christus that way we’ll always remember this Christmas when we look at it and remember the true meaning of Christmas all year round.


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