Our Christmas Eve Breakfast

Traditionally we go out to The Original Pancake House as a family and eat our fill of pancakes and waffles.  This year Patsi decided to have a pajama party and make waffles at the house.  The kitchen was buzzing with people since we had three waffle irons going at the same time.  We had an iron for regular waffles, one for chocolate chip waffles, and one for blueberry waffles.  It smelled so good!  The kids kept coming over every minute or two to check if breakfast was ready and to make sure the blueberries were edible 😉 .

The kids ate and ate and ate!  I’ve actually never seen the kids eat so much.  The ice cream that Grandma put on top of their waffles might have had something to do with it 🙂 !

The kids had a fun time hanging out in their pajamas and eating to their little hearts’ content.  They also got to play with their Christmas presents from the night before.  We did the whole name drawing thing and those were the presents that we all opened.

Jared had drawn Grandma Pat, and so I made her a birthday card calendar.  It’s something I had made for myself last year so that I could keep up on my correspondence throughout the year.  It came in real handy and we both thought she’d get lots of use out of it

I had drawn Patsi, Jared’s mom, and so I got her a Snuggie.  Her and dad are so hard to buy for.  They already have everything that they could possibly want or need.  I normally make a calendar with all kinds of pictures from the year but I thought that might have been used too much.  There’s a certain chair that she sits in while doing her work in the study.  During the winter it’s chilly and during the summer that room is toasty.  I thought this might be able to help her out a bit.

Benjamin had drawn Kaleb and so got him a Cars tent.  Just one of those simple in-home tents that pops up.  Kaleb is a big fan of Cars so I’m sure he’ll love it.

Emma drew Benjamin’s name and since she had already given him a Webkinz for his birthday she thought he could use a drawing book.  It’s this great book that tells you step by step how to draw certain things.  He’s just been a little lacking in the drawing department and so this will probably help.

Joseph drew Hannah’s name.  Since she was spending Christmas in Utah this year Joseph didn’t quite understand why she wasn’t going to open his present to her.  She’ll be in town for the New Year and we’ll have to make sure we get her present to her.  Joseph got her a drawing set with a sketch journal and a couple canvases.  She’s really into art and doing crafts so this will hopefully be a big help for her.

Jacob drew Emma.  It was kind of nice to have my kids draw each other because then we’re sure to get things that they need but also it’s good for them to think of each other.  Since he didn’t really know what was going on, I got her a Webkinz.  It’s an adorable pink dog called Pink Cherry Soda Pup!  I figured that she would probably want in on the whole Webkinz world now that we have a computer coming in a couple of days.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  Everyone was so happy to be together.  It was especially wonderful to see Rachel and Park there.  We don’t get to see them enough, so whenever we get the chance we jump at it.


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