Our Extended Thirteenth Day of Christmas

It’s become a tradition, in our home, to have a big slumber party in mom and dad’s room on Christmas Eve.  This makes things a little easier to control and monitor, and did I mention that the kids absolutely love it!  They got up fairly early, although it’s probably late considering it’s Christmas.  When they woke Jared and I blindfolded each of the kids so they wouldn’t see their presents as we took them, one by one, out to the car.  I wrapped up the Christus last night while the kids were sleeping, so there was nothing to worry about there.

The kids were so excited to go deliver this present.  They have been thrilled with this whole process, as have Jared and I.  I’m saying it right now, this will be a tradition that we’re going to keep for years to come.  They fought over who would take the present up to the door and knock, but with Benjamin being the oldest, he won.

As we neared the house, Amy noticed a woman sitting on the front porch.  We stood around for a few minutes hoping she would go back inside.  When she never did, we headed back to the car where we decided to send the three older kids up to the door to give her the gift.  Since they are in our ward they might recognize Jared, Michael, or I but with the kids all in their pjs and their hair all crazy there was no way she’d figure out who we were.

I gave the kids strict instructions about how to deliver the package.  “Walk, don’t run, up to the door.  Hand the lady the present, say ‘Merry Christmas’ and run (this time don’t walk) away as fast as you can.  Don’t talk to her or wait, just run back to the car.”  We watched as the kids made their way to the house.  We waited, until we heard them yelling, “Merry Christmas” and saw them booking it down the street for us.  We all clamoured into the car and drove off laughing.

When we were safely in the car I asked the kids what happened.  Benjamin said that they did exactly what we said, they told her Merry Christmas and started running away but the lady kept yelling, “Who are you?  What’s your last name?”  I was nervous that they has spoiled the jig, but Benjamin reassured me that they just kept running.  I can just see it: this lady holding a big wrapped shoe box, calling after three cute kids while they scamper away, and her being left dumbfounded!  What a wonderful Christmas morning!!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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  1. I love this! What a great new tradition for you family. Also love that the lady still had no idea who it was. What a great way to end it.

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