New Year’s Shopping

Happy New Year, everyone!  I chose this picture to welcome in the new year because it’s simple, and that’s going to be my “theme” for the new year!  It’s not so much a resolution, but it’s a way of life that I’ve been working on ever since Jacob got diagnosed.  Simplicity worked so well over the holidays so I’m stickin’ with it.

Our family had a great night ringing in the new year.  It started just after dinner with Michael and Jared taking all the kids (minus Jacob) to go get a dozen donuts.  They each picked out their favorites, which actually looked like someone had blown snot all over them because of the less than desirable green frosting color 🙂 .  We all got to eat them and play games.  The kids decided to watch The Wizard of OZ while Jared and I watched Wild Hogs.  Jacob gave up somewhere in there and we put him to bed.

When the movies were over we all made massive banana splits!  I could tell the kids were getting tired so the sugar was a good boost.  There were no complaints from the kids either.

When it came closer to the time we called the kids down to pick out their pots and pans and get their coats on.  We walked outside with about 30 seconds to go, but it was crazy cold (for Vegas) and after waiting about 10 of those seconds the kids were ready to go inside.  When we started counting down that got their mind off things and at midnight we danced and screamed and made a wild rumpus!  We immediately went inside and went to bed.  It was funny how easily they went and fell asleep.  Maybe we should have more nights like this 🙂 .

We had a fairly early morning, considering that we stayed up all night.  Jared had to go clean the chapel and I had to get some serious housework done all before we left to see the Johnson family.  John, Camille, Hannah, and L.J. were driving through town and I didn’t want the kids to miss a chance to see their cousins.  We had a big pancake breakfast very similar to our Christmas waffle breakfast in that there was chocolate chip pancakes and ice cream involved.  CRAZY!

It was a great morning of visiting and I happened to snap a great picture of Emma.  She’s really starting to grow up on me.  She’s still a tiny thing but not like when she was a baby.  (Insert heart-break).


When we got home, we put the boys to bed and Jared started working on taking the Christmas lights down while Emma and I went on a date.  A shopping date!  I had gone through her drawers a few days earlier and found out that most of her clothes are too small.  The clothes that I bought last summer are still good but a lot of her basics are now gone.  We had a fairly long list to get and she had received an American Express gift card from her great grandparents that we needed to put to good use, so off to Town Square we went.

We had a BLAST trying on all the clothes that looked good, but only buying the things we needed.  There were great sales going on because of the New Year and we took full advantage of that.  We hit stores that we normally wouldn’t even bother going in just because of the prices but we got dresses and pants and shirts anywhere from $2.99 – $6.99.  Emma even pulled outher gift card and payed for them herself.  She had to sign her name a couple of times (which she loved).  We did a lot of window shopping, grabbed some chocolate samples from the Godiva store, tried on different wigs before they started yelling at us because we didn’t have head caps on (oops!), and tried on different lip glosses and lotions at Bath and Body Works.

It was a great start to the new year and I’m glad I was able to spend some great time with my daughter!


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