Groceries and Carousels

Today was our big grocery shopping day.  We go about once every two weeks for our big trip.  I go here and there during the week when we need more milk or bread, things like that.

We went right after we picked Emma up from the bus which meant that the kids didn’t get their naps.  Which also means it’s early to bed tonight 🙂 .  As we were going into Food4Less, the kids noted the carousel by the entrance and quickly made their wants known.  I immediately shot them down because we had a lot to do.  They were disappointed but followed me in and helped me get everything we needed.  As we were leaving I realized that I could spend the 50 cents and make them crazy happy, and really, we could spare the two minutes to just relax and have fun.

Of course they loved it and were amazing for me the rest of the afternoon.  I need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses every now and then.


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