Cleaning… urgh!

When I first got married, at the ripe age of 18, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  That is as far as managing and taking care of a home.  I had chores to do all growing up as a child, but it became very apparent that doing an entire home would take some getting used to.  Luckily, our first apartment was only 750 square feet of Malibu loveliness!  I realized that I detested doing the pots and pans, mopping the floors, ironing, laundry in general (probably due to the fact that you had to go down to the front office building to get it done), sewing/ mending, and cleaning the bathroom.  The bathroom was my chore ever since I could remember and I always had to clean my brothers’ pee off the toilet, floors, and sometimes walls 🙂 .  I think whenever I did that job it would just make me bitter, and I longed for the day when I didn’t have to do it anymore.

Thank goodness, my husband was patient and willing to help around the house.  He did the pots and pans when he saw it was stressing me out, I would empty the garbage when it was full, we would both iron the clothes in the hamper and it continued on that way for a while.  I learned that there are no set chores for me because I’m the wife and there are no set chores for him because he’s the husband.  We each would pick up the slack if we saw it dragging because we were part of a team and it was OUR home, together.

When we moved back to Vegas, and I started staying home full-time I started taking back some of the household chores.  Laundry became a little easier for me to manage and stay on top of, therefore making it less burdensome.  By also managing the laundry I was able to tackle some of the more tedious projects like hemming pants, stitching up holes, and attaching buttons.  I still had issues with other things, but I was learning.  And my mom would come over to help a lot.

When we moved across the country, I became a better cook.  I learned how to budget and shop for an entire month on only $200.  I know that doesnt’ sound like much and it really wasn’t that long ago so we’re not talking inflation, but that’s just how good I was (moment of gloating)!  I learned how important it was to stay on top of the floor cleaning because at this time I had two toddlers and was expecting my third.

With each move and each house that our family has lived in I have been able to grow into my role as homemaker.  We’re now to the point where staying on top of laundry for a family of six, managing a budget of $400 per month for groceries and gas, squeezing in the occasional craft project here or there, and taking care of a home of 2,800 square feet is now just second nature.  That doesn’t mean that my house is spotless 100% of the time, but it does mean that I don’t have to hate every second of my day, because I have successfully taught myself (over a long period of time) how to do it in a way that works for me.

I still hate ironing!!!  Shhh!


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  1. Linsie Limb Draper

    It’s nice to hear that it can get better with time!

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