This morning I was trying to get some chores done but my four-year old kept following me around like a little golden retriever.  I didn’t mind, but I thought why not kill two birds with one stone.  I asked him if he’d help me pull off his sheets since it had been a while since I had washed them.  He quickly obeyed and came back just a few minutes later and asked what else he could do to help me.  I thought and thought and then realized that I really need to wash the master bed sheets as well.  Perfect, this will take him a few minutes to figure out.  He ran off and I didn’t hear from him for quite some time.  It wasn’t until I talked to Jared that I realized how hard he was trying to work.

Jared had been cleaning the church all morning, but when he got home he was greeted by a red-eyed Joseph.  He explained to daddy that it was too hard to take the sheets off our bed and he was just too small.  Daddy, being the patient and understanding man that he is, told him to start on the corner on daddy’s side of the bed and that he’d be right up to help.  Joseph ran off, and by the time Jared had taken his shoes off and come upstairs Joseph had completely stripped the bed.

Jared: “Great job, Joseph!”

Joseph: “Yeah, thanks for your help.”

Jared: “Of course.  Isn’t it so much easier when you ask for help?”

Joseph: “Yeah.  Otherwise I would have just been helpless.” 🙂

It wasn’t until after this dialogue that Joseph then came in and told me the job was done (me not knowing that he was in tears trying to get it done).  What a hard worker!



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3 responses to “Helpless

  1. Oh, this is so cute! What a big, helpful boy!

  2. That is so sad! And so cute. What a persistent little boy!

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