I am completely thrilled with my little man!  He said “MAMA” for the very first time.  He was trying to ask me for another chip.  I pulled one from the bag, held it back from him, prompted him with “Please, mama” (like I always do) but the difference is that this time he responded to me!  He actually said mama!!!  I was sure that I hadn’t heard correctly, or that he was just jabbering, so I asked him again… “Mama?”  And sure enough, he did it again!

I’m telling you, the surge of emotions that flooded through me in that one moment were intense.  I literally wanted to sit down and cry with joy because it was a start.  However small of a gesture, or insignificant that others might feel it to be, I know it is a HUGE step in the right direction.  He can say a couple of other words like “dada”, “door”, “dat” (for that), “wow”, “all” (for ball), but if you look closely all the words that he says are more guttural.  None of the words require him to use his lips.  He can’t say the “b” in ball because that requires him to push his lips together and he’s not to that point yet.  That’s what makes this a small miracle in our quest to have him talk.

I was able to catch a little video tonight of Jacob doing his version of dancing to the Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t it be Nice”.  About 20 seconds in he sort of says it.  Of course, the minute you ask them to repeat it for the camera or someone else he gets all shy, but I promise… he said it!


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  1. Jade McClellan

    “I love your blog”

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