Mike and Amy Babysit- yikes!

Benjamin had “It’s Great to be Eight” tonight at the church.  I’ll have to go into that more when I have time, but I did want to share something hilarious that happened tonight.  Michael and Amy were willing to help us out and watch the three younger kids over at their new place so that we could enjoy the night alone with Benjamin and really focus on him.  They went over with a couple of movies, their new tents from Christmas, and some dinner.  You’d think they were moving in by how excited they were and the amount of junk they brought over.  I gave the run down, told them I’d have my phone if there was an emergency, and kissed the kids goodbye. A little more than half way through the program, I get this video message sent to me on my phone.

I don’t even know if that’s legal in the babysitting world!?! It’s no fair that they get to have that much fun and then I get to go pick them up and be the bad guy because they have school in the morning and they need to get to bed!  Dang it, Michael!!!

When we did get to the house to pick up the kids, or course they didn’t want to leave.  Benjamin hadn’t tried it out so, in all fairness, he needed to take a couple turns.

It was amazing to me how perfect the mattress fit down their stairwell.  It was too perfect!  It almost made you sick because you wish that you could do that at your home.  We have a banister and a landing.  It’s beautiful but very prohibitive when it comes to riding mattresses down stairways.  Maybe when Jacob’s out of his crib we can do individual rides on the baby mattress 🙂 .




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2 responses to “Mike and Amy Babysit- yikes!

  1. Kim Roberts

    That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your blog posts on here. I love it!

  2. Barbara Scroggins

    That is so fun! Always a treat to have babysitters. Good for Michael and Amy. I’m sure your children will be encouraging about you leaving more often now.

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