So, I’ve been warring with myself about posting this all day long.  I’ve finally caved and that’s why you’re reading this 🙂 .  I do feel like I need to preface this with some type of FCC warning, even though there is no poor language or bad images.  But I should warn you that it is not for the faint of heart.  If you hate the subject of death then just skip right over  this and wait for tomorrow’s post.  I will say that many of you have probably had a similar dream/ nightmare, although I could be wrong because I’ve never had the dreaded naked dream (at least not that I can remember).

I have to back up a little so that you can understand a bit more of what I’m going to say.  Ever since I had Lasic done, my eyes have been a little more sensitive to extreme light and heat.  It’s not so much the temperature that gets me, but it’s the fact that when I turn the heat on in my house every winter the air duct is pointing right at our bed.  A lot of the problem has to do with the heat, but I think another factor is that I sleep with my eyes slightly open.  Almost like a little baby when you’re trying to put them to bed and you keep looking at them because you’re not sure if they’re really awake or asleep because the eyes are slightly open.  The heat is great for when you’re cold, but my eyes are so dry come morning time that it makes it almost unbearable.  That is until I grabbed myself a sleep mask.  I feel completely ridiculous when I wear it, but I sleep in peace and wake with moisture still left in my eyes.

Last night I woke up in complete terror.  I had been dreaming that (for whatever reason) someone had come to kill me.  I knew they were coming and I was preparing myself for it.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the manner in which I was killed.  (Don’t worry, not overly gross- or maybe it is.)  This person came holding a large piece of a broken mirror, raised my arms over my head, and made a large cut under one of my arms.  I had been so worried that it would be a more immediate form of death until I realized what they had actually done.  They had severed my axillary artery.  I was slowly bleeding to death, and I knew it.  I tried to keep my arms pinned to my side to slow the bleeding until I could find Jared and tell him something important (I’m not sure what that was).  I was searching and searching until I realized that I had been awake for quite some time but because I had covered my eyes with that dang sleep mask, I had been trapped by its total darkness.

When I finally realized that I was awake I also realized that I had actually pinned my arms to my sides.  I started crying uncontrollably.  All I could say was “I love you” over and over again while Jared woke and tried to calm me down.

I don’t know why I share that with you, and I DO know that it was just a dream, but I have been in too many life and death situations to know not take that one moment to tell my husband that I loved him.  So many times we take our loved ones for granted, or just assume that they know that we love them.  Maybe that’s why I was searching so hard for Jared in my dream, to tell him I loved him before I died.  Whatever the reason, it made me express my love to my love!

Take a quick second to call someone you love and tell them just that!  I guarantee they will welcome the call and the sentiment!


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