Just like Papa

So, my brother sent me this video last night.  With all the excitement of going down stairs on a mattress, he had forgotten about this video he had taken of Joseph eating his dinner.

I guess what Joseph had been doing was dipping is tater tots in the water and then dipping his fingers in the ketchup and licking that straight away.  I don’t claim to understand what goes on in that kids’ head, but it sure makes for some great entertainment.

The scary thing is this is just how my dad eats things.  He dips it in water!  Probably one of the more gross things I’ve seen him do in my life is put a chocolate chip cookies under the kitchen faucet and soak it with water and then eat it!!!  I’m laughing so hard right now because that’s just my dad- a little weird and a bit quirky but totally fine with it!

Of course, just like with any child who sees that you’re recording him, he wouldn’t eat the ketchup.  I still think this is hilarious!


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