Babysitting… sort of!

I have been on-call all week to watch my little niece if my sister-in-law were to go into labor.  At about 4:13 pm yesterday evening I got a call from Megan telling me that she was having contractions every five minutes but they weren’t hurting her.  She was going to the hospital get checked out and she’d let me know what was going on from there.

About and hour and a half later, she called to tell me that she’s progressing and they are admitting her to the hospital to have the baby.  That was my que to cancel my previous engagements, call Jared to come home, and get everything ready for me to leave.

I was blessed to watch this…

…from 8 pm last night until 2:30 am this morning, so that Mike and Megan could be in the hospital having this…

…little baby Ava Kate Johnson.  A whopping 6 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long!  She was born at 12:45 this morning and Mike got to spend a good couple hours with her and mommy before he relieved me and took Julia home to bed.

Congratulations!  We love you guys!


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