Bridal Shower


This morning we had Amy’s bridal shower!  We’ve had it planned for several weeks now but just like everything else this week, it didn’t have the turn out that I had hoped for her.  Either way, Amy didn’t seem to be phased.  In fact, she had quite a blast I think.  All in all, I think it was better having a smaller crowd.  Everyone was able to socialize together and it had a much more intimate feeling.  We did miss several people, like family, that are too far away to have made the trek out for the party.

Since we chose to have the shower later in the morning, we had a nice brunch ready for everyone.  There was quiche, egg casserole, fruit, blueberry muffins, and even different juices.  It was offset so nicely by the beautiful flowers my mother was able to find.  It’s always nice to have that spring feeling when it’s freezing cold outside.


Amy was very blessed in some of the things that she got from her friends.  One of the highlights was a broom that Grandma Icu bought for her!  It is a leopard print broom!  Exactly what every woman should have for their home 🙂 .  Grandma is one of those women who is all about finding the whimsy in things.  Granted it’s not the most practical thing, but Amy and Michael have been so blessed with the necessities that it was quite nice to have something for just pure pleasure!


We had a great little game planned, and I put it on a DVD so that her and Mike could watch it years from now and laugh at all the funny things they said.  Anyway, the point of the game was to see how well Amy knew Michael.  I would ask Michael a question and he would answer.  But before I showed the answer, Amy had to guess what he would say.  If she got the answer right we would move on but if she answered wrong she had to eat a wad of gum.  I say wad, but these things were more like their own planet!  They were large, hard to chew, and very juicy 🙂 !  Amy ended up missing nine out of 20 questions, so you know what that means…

..a mouth full of hot pink bubble gum!

Towards the end of the shower I handed out little strips of paper that had different words or sayings that were wedding related and then set out a plate full of candy.  Each strip of paper corresponded to a candy on the plate and that was their little favor to take home with them.  For example…

  • Butterfinger – First Date Interactions
  • Hugs – Warm Embraces
  • Pay Day – Wedding Ring Purchase Date
  • 5th Avenue – The Wedding Dress Shop
  • Twix – Bachelor Party Pranks
  • Mounds – Gifts
  • Sweet Tarts – The Bride & Groom
  • Lifesavers – The Parents
  • Runts – The Flower Girl & the Ringbearer
  • 100 Grand – The Reception
  • Fast Break – Leaving the Reception
  • Skor – The Honeymoon Night
  • Starburst – Groom’s Honeymoon Reverie
  • Baby Ruth – 9 Months After the Honeymoon
  • Zero – Post-Wedding Bank Accounts

Hope everyone had fun!  Happy bridal shower, Amy!


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