It’s Great to be Eight

We got these great invitations from the Primary presidency a couple of weeks ago, inviting the children who would be turning eight this year and their parents to a special fireside where we’d learn about all the great activities and things that they’ll be able to participate in when they turn eight.  I’m so glad Benjamin doesn’t turn eight until December (it gives me a little more time with my baby), but going the other week was really hard for me.  I guess it’s going to be like that with every milestone in his life, since he’s the firstborn.  It was like that for me when he started going to Kindergarten, so I better just get used to the flood of emotions as my baby grows up.

(back row: Brooke, Frankie, Chaz, Oliver, Willie)
(front row: Sydney, Jaden, Benjamin)

It was a great program and you should have seen Benjamin’s eyes light up when they talked about the scouting program.  I have a feeling, especially coming from a long line of Eagle Scouts, that he’s going to fall head over heals for this program.  Let’s see… his dad is an Eagle scout, his Great- Grandpa Combs is an Eagle scout, all of his uncles are Eagle scouts (on both sides), and his Papa is an Eagle scout as well as the fact that he was a scoutmaster for like 10 years.  He’ll have a bunch of support and encouragement from everywhere you look.

At the very end of the meeting, they passed out a packet of papers to help get the kids headed in the right direction for baptism.  I didn’t scan the whole packet because some papers were just for our stake, but I did want to include these little questionnaires because I think they have important questions and things that we need to address, as parents raising our kids in the gospel.  It doesn’t matter if you’re kids aren’t getting baptised in a few short months, these are things that we should be talking about in our homes on a daily basis.  I hope they come in handy for you, just as I’m sure they will be a great tool for our family as we prepare this year for a baptism 🙂 .




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4 responses to “It’s Great to be Eight

  1. Kim

    This is so helpful. I’m in the primary presidency and planning our baptism preview for the first time! I think I will use those handouts! Thank you 🙂

  2. Sandy

    That was our Ward when we lmoved to Vegas over 24 years ago. We left to come to Phoenix 17 years this past August. I wonder how many families are still there. I’m using the boy booklet idea for our boys. We have white books for the girls. Thanks!!

  3. Emele

    Thank you for this. I think I will use these for our program that’s coming up next month.

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