I love these Valentines!  I can’t remember where I saw these last year, but I remember how much I love them and wanted to do them but I didn’t have time to send the pictures out to be developed.  This year, I’m much more prepared!

I took the kids’ pictures last week.  I put them onto my laptop, fixed them so that they had the little sayings already on them…

… sent them to be developed through Shutterfly.  I wanted a mate finish got the pictures yesterday and we started mounting them to different colored cardstock so that the pictures wouldn’t rip when we put the suckers in.

Once they were mounted, the kids wrote their names on them and then I cut two slits with an exact-o knife (one on the top of their hand and the other at the bottom of their hand).

The kids put the suckers through the holes and voila!!!  Amazingly cute, personal, and cheap Valentines.

photography = FREE (self)
photo editing = FREE (self)
90 4×6 pictures = $8.20
cardstock = FREE (was leftover in my scrapbook supplies)
suckers = $7.67 (Sam’s Club 100 count Tootsie pops)

90 Valentines that your kids will love to pass out!!! = $15.87



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4 responses to “Valentines

  1. Megan

    I love them Brianna! When my kids are older I will be comming to you for inspiration!! 🙂

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