“Even the least of these” F.H.E.

Mike called me this afternoon wondering if I had anything special planned for F.H.E.  He said that he had taught a great object lesson in his Sunday school class and thought the kids would really enjoy it.  I’m all for good ideas so I told him to head on over after work so that he could also join us for dinner before hand.

He started off by asking us to each draw a picture of someone who we didn’t like.  Jared drew a picture of Dr. Doofenshmirtz, I drew Sponge Bob, Benjamin drew Venom, Emma drew Ursula, Joseph drew Dr. Octopus, and Michael drew Justin Bieber.  Jacob walked around and added his own touch to everyone’s drawings 🙂 .  Once everyone was done drawing, we went around the room and talked about who we didn’t like and why.


We then took our pictures into the other room where Michael had set up a dart board with a slip of paper attached that said “place photo here“.  Then, one at a time, we took turns throwing darts at the pictures we had drawn.  I scanned the pictures in and put a little red dot where a dart had pierced the picture, just to give you a better idea.  (Please forgive the horrible drawings, I never intended to have the public see them but I had to document this great F.H.E.)

When we had each had our turn with the dart board, we went back to the family room where we read one scripture.  As we read Matthew 25:40, Michael peeled off the sign on the dart board that said “place photo here“.  On the back of that, unbeknownst to us, he had placed a picture of the Savior.

You should have heard the kids cry as they realized that their darts (as well as Jared and I) had done that to their Savior.  They each got to hold the picture, get a good look at what we did, and tell how they felt.  Some were more affected than others but we all got a good idea of what kind of damage our unkind words and deeds can do.

Thank you, Michael, for a great lesson!


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  1. Linsie Limb Draper

    I did this at a girls camp years ago but it still gives me goose bumps 🙂

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