Math Night

Tonight was Family Math Night at the kids’ school.  They have been hyping it up all week at school so there was no way we were going to get out of going.  I’m actually glad that we went.  The kids were enthralled with what they were teaching and we learned some new games for around the house.  I think why I was so in love with tonight was because it was encouraging the whole family to do this together.

We started the evening in the multi purpose room where the kids each got a bag of popcorn and a list of different activities that they could do and where to find them.


We decided to stick to the 60’s pod because that’s where they were doing the pre-k through 2nd grade math.  I wanted them all to get a sense that math can be useful as well as fun.  Math was always my favorite subject from junior high all through high school.  It came more naturally to me than to my brothers, but even if my kids don’t have a knack for it I want them to still learn to love it.

With the aid of conversation hearts, we were able to learn how to group and graph information.  Even Joseph was thrilled to sit at the desk and count out the different colored candies.  Here are a couple of the worksheets that they gave us.  After grouping the hearts by color then you started coloring the information onto the graphs.


There was another classroom that had different math fact games prepared for us to play.  We learned some new games like…

1. “Count and Dice Game
Take out a deck of cards and one dice (the face cards can equal 10).  Play with a partner and lay the cards face down between you.  Take turns flipping over a card and rolling a dice.  Whichever person can add the number on the dice with the number on the card correctly first wins the cards.  The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

2. “Double Compare
Divide a deck of cards equally between 2 people.  Each player flips over two cards at the same time and finds the sum of their cards.  Whoever had the bigger number says “me” and gets to keep all 4 cards.  Continue to play until one player has all the cards.

3. “Achy Breaky Hearts
Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a bunch of 4 inch hearts.  Cut them out and then cut them in half so that they’re like puzzle pieces.  Write math facts on one side and write the answer on the other side (ex. write 5+6 on one half and 11 on the other).  Mix up the cards and try to mend the broken hearts.  Be sure to check the answers when they’re finished!

4. “Triangle Number Game
Cut out the triangle cards.  Choose a number between 5 and 11 that you would like to practice addition combinations with.  Put one card in the middle, and split the rest between the remaining players.  One at a time connect the triangles with combinations that equal your chosen number (ex. if you chose 9 as your number, you could connect the 6 side and the 3 side of two triangles to connect).  Continue until all the cards have been laid down.
Extension: You can connect numbers whose sum or difference equals the chosen number!

I had never seen Joseph so focused (other than when he’s dealing with food).  He obviously didn’t do the games properly but he did sit there and count and recount and roll the dice and try to figure things out.  He even leaned over to me at one point and said, “I’m really learning a lot!”

As the evening went on we decided to go and play a couple of games of B.I.N.G.O. before we headed home.  I loved how they set it up because it was by difficulty leven.  There was number identification where they just shouted out the number and you placed your marker on the appropriate number, there was addition and subtraction where they called out a problem and you put the marker on the answer, and multiplication for the older children.  There was something for everyone, including the adults who I happened to see playing the games as well.


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