I have been watching Jacob become more and more aware of others around him and as he attempts to follow their actions.  It’s hard not to laugh as I watch him with his hands on his hips like his mother or his chin resting in his hands like his father.  He is even trying to imitate his siblings as they do their homework, or color, or even play with their toys.  It’s just so funny to see something so serious and grown-up on someone so young and innocent!


It reminds me of a talk I heard President Monson give a couple of years back.  I remember it so well because it’s the talk where he wiggled his ears on camera and Benjamin happened to be watching.  Jared had taught Benjamin several years ago how to wiggle his ears and I think he was quite impressed that the Prophet could do it too.  The talk just reminded me about how children trying to imitate their parents at such a  young age and we need to make sure that we’re doing the things that we want to see them doing in the future.


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