Emma’s Valentine Box

Okay, so what good are the Valentine’s without having a cool box to carry them around in.  I was originally going to just give her a gift bag to put them in.  That was the plan until we had Del Taco for dinner the other night.  We ordered some type of meal deal (don’t go there often enough to know the difference), but that’s not what intrigued me.  It was the container that they gave us that stopped my heart.  The minute I saw it I knew that we were going to be decorating that thing 🙂 !

For those of you who eat at Del Taco a lot you probably know what I’m talking about, but unfortunately for those of you who don’t frequent that place I didn’t take a before picture of the box so that you could get an idea.  When you look at the picture below of Emma holding the finished product you can just imagine a red box with images of fire and the Del Taco logo plaster all over it.

Hey, sometimes I do come up with good ideas 🙂 !


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