Day of love!!!

I have to say that I honestly got very little sleep last night.  Actually, it’s been like that all weekend.  It seems like Valentine’s Day has become one big massive holiday in our house and that’s probably because our two birthdays are right at the same time.  Whatever the reason, I’m bushed!  But, there’s no time to rest, at least not until tonight.

I got up extra early so that I could make everyone a special breakfast of banana heart pancakes!  I know, I know, you can hardly contain yourselves!  The kids loved it and Jared went into work a little late so that he could join us.

I dropped the two older kids off at school and then Joseph, Jacob, and I hurried over to Fresh and Easy to grab a couple dozen roses and some vases to put together some little Valentine’s for the ladies at Jared’s work.  I had just enough time to clean, separate, and arrange the flowers before it was time to head back to the school for Emma’s big Valentine bash.  I went in to help out and I have to say that it was quite fun to see her with her friends, but it was even more exciting to watch her interact and include her baby brother.  Jacob pulled up a chair right next to her and started asking her some of her food.  She was so gracious and loving, just what today was all about 🙂 !

They each got to pass out their Valentine’s and with the leftover time they all got to look through them.  I couldn’t help but laugh at her expression every time she pulled a new one out.  It was even more hilarious to hear her little classmates call out her name and ask if that was her on her Valentine’s.  They couldn’t seem to understand how her picture got on there!  Too cute!

We took Emma home with us from the school, and made it back to the house just in time to make daddy a special lunch, pack up all the flowers and head to daddy’s work.  We were really pushing it because we only had about 45 minutes to get down there, pass out the stuff, and get back to the house before Jacob’s occupational therapist arrived.

We got back to the house just in time for our 1:00 appointment, but I needed all the time I could get.  Normally his appointments are 45 minutes long, but I needed to be back down to the school for Benjamin’s reader’s theater that started at 2:00.  I knew I was going to be cutting it close.

I’ll fill you in on OT another time, but he is doing really well and not getting as frustrated as he used to with all the fine motor exercises.

We did make it to Benjamin’s performance and he did a wonderful job.  I was able to record it so I’ll have to post that later.

He had a “cast” party right afterward and he seemed to enjoy himself.  I didn’t stick around for too long, I don’t want to be the mom that gets in the way, but just long enough to tell him how great he did and give him a hug!  Also, it would have been a bit crazy with all three kids.

We drove back home where you’d think I’d get a minute to relax and take a breath, but I was too excited to stop there.  I guess with all the running around that acted almost like an energy boost and kept me going the rest of the day.

I was able to clean up a good portion of the downstairs while timing dinner almost perfectly to coincide with Jared getting home.

He brought me a beautiful flower arrangement of red roses and one white rose for Emma.  She just about died!!!  And what would a Valentine’s dinner be without candles.  The kids thought that was so special, to the point that they sang “Happy Valentine’s Day” (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday) to daddy as he walked in the door.

Afterthought:  It was a great V-Day!  Made even better by the fact that I passed out at 9:30 and didn’t wake until 7:00 this morning 🙂 !


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