OT update

Monday, along with everything else we had going on, Jacob had Occupational Therapy.

Since we have no new concerns when it comes to his fine motor skills, she just had us doing a bunch of old and new games to help him with some of those skills.

Jacob was asleep when Rebecca arrived but he was able to wake easily and participate in the tasks that she had him do.

We worked on stringing beads.  He did a much more mature/ coordinated grip with his left hand rather than his right.  I think he might be more like Benjamin and Jared, in that they use their left hands.  We’ve done this in the past, but he has lost interest too quickly to really get going.  She used a skewer stick instead of the traditional string.  By doing this it gave him the confidence that he was doing it well, and it was a little easier to control.  Eventually he’ll have to figure out how to do it with the string, but this was a great idea to work him up to that goal.

We worked the velcro puzzles, one of Jacob’s all time favorites!  We worked on him responding to verbal cues to use the peg instead of trying to pry it out with his whole hand.  After a few tries he didn’t need reminding, he just did it himself.

The last thing we worked on was twisting a screw/ opening lids.  He tends to rotate back and forth instead of releasing and twisting some more.  She wasn’t concerned about that.  She just thought with as well as he was doing she’d give him something a little more challenging.

I think OT is my favorite therapy.  Jacob seems to really respond well with her and she always comes up with great ideas to get him motivated.  We’ll see how he’s progressing on this front in a couple of weeks.


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