Engagement Party

The main reason for our trip up to Salt Lake was an engagement party that my Uncle Gordon was throwing Michael and Amy.

We didn’t think that we would be able to make it up for the party so we had declined the invitation.  Somehow, we managed our schedules to give us the time off so we decided to surprise everyone that we were coming.  Gordon and my Grandparents were the only ones that knew we were coming.  It was so much fun to show up at the door and see everyone’s surprised faces that we were there 🙂 .  But I guess I live for things like that, surprising people!

(lots of pictures to follow)

There were so many cute, cute kids there!  No one could keep their hands off of them!!!


There were presents for the house, presents for the garage, and presents for the couple 😉 !


And there were lots of children to help them out with those presents!!!



Amy’s mother was in town, from England, along with all kinds of family and old missionary friends that came to celebrate.


There was cake and plenty of people to eat it!


There were many more pictures that didn’t make the cut, but I just don’t have that kind of storage space 😉 .  I just have to say thank you to my sweet Uncle for throwing an amazing party and for letting us use and abuse his house!!!


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