Proper Snow Fight

Right after church, the kids changed as fast as they could so that they could go out and play in the new fallen snow.  I’m no expert at judging snowfall, but I’d say a good foot of snow accumulated over night, this morning, and during church.  It was still lightly snowing while we were playing.

The kids had a blast getting completely frozen and it was a great chance for me to tinker with my camera.






Amy’s mother, Jenny, and Joseph got in an awful snowball fight!  Toward the end, everyone had joined in!




With all the snow and then everyone running around screaming, Jacob didn’t exactly know what to do 🙂 .  The little darling would start to touch the snow but then he’d pull away and say, “Ow”.  I’m sure it didn’t hurt him, but I don’t think he has another word to describe what he’s experiencing since he’s never done anything like this before.



Oh, the snow is so much fun (to visit)!  I’m so glad we were able to really enjoy some winter weather while we were here.  Although, Joseph did enquire this morning as to when Santa would be arriving since it was snowing 🙂 !  That might be a problem!


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