Because my grandparents’ ward meets at 1:00 we all got to sleep in this morning!  Okay, it wasn’t THAT late, but I’ll take 9:30 am over 7:00 am any day of the week.  We woke up to Grandma making us a wonderful breakfast of muffins, eggs, fruit, sausage and bacon.  You’d think I never feed my children the way they kept eating and eating everything 🙂 .  I do have to confess that all her cooking made me feel like a little kid again!  I don’t know what it was, maybe the fact that she was taking care of me, but whatever it was it was so much fun!

It is crazy snowing outside right now!  The first thing out of the kids’ mouths this morning when they saw all the snow was, “Can we go have a snowball fight?”  It took everything in me not to say yes and run out there with them, but it wouldn’t have really helped much with all us trying to get ready for church, so I promised them after church that we would do it.


Grandpa’s out in the front trying to shovel the driveway so that we’ll be able to get out for church.  I don’t know why he’s even bothering though because it’s still snowing!  I really hope our car is up for this weather (eek!).


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