Time to Relax

It was such a fun day today!  Emma got a lot of reading in with her great-grandpa.  He sat there and she’d bring him book after book after book!  He never seemed to mind, and that really meant a lot to me and to her.


Jacob spent a good part of the afternoon on the kitchen floor.  He would alternate between reading and playing with dolls.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have a problem with it.  These are two activities that his therapists have been really trying to get him to master.  Odd, isn’t it!  Something that’s so normal to us is so foreign to him.  The skill to role play (as in playing with a baby doll) is important for their social skills and the part where he’s lying down on the floor to read his books is really working his shoulder and abdominal muscles.  Who knew?!?

Uncle Gordon came over a little later for dinner.  The kids loved playing with him and his iPad!  I’m not sure, but I think the iPad might be winning just a tad bit 🙂 !


Gordon then took Amy, Michael, and Jenny over to Temple Square where he showed them all the sights.  We leave sometime tomorrow, and I don’t think Jenny will ever get a chance to come back to Salt Lake.

Once Gordon left, Jim and his kids came over.  The kids were so excited to play with their cousins.. well actually… this might be a little confusing, or maybe it is to me just because it sounds weird and makes me feel old.  So, the little girl who took the video below of her siblings and my kids playing together is my cousins, Hannah!  She just turned 10, and the reason that’s significant is because Jared and I were married almost 10 years ago.  She was just a baby when her and her family came down to Vegas for the wedding.

I constantly feel more like their my kids’ cousins rather than my own, and I know it’s just the age differences that’s throwing me off.  I love these kids like crazy (and apparently, so do my children)!!!


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One response to “Time to Relax

  1. Grandma Combs

    Thanks for the pictures. I wish I knew how to print them off. I loved seeing them all. Would you believe all that snow melted off and now we’ve had another storm and have another batch waiting for someone to come and play in it. I thought that it was a fun thing for the kids to do. They’ll remember that for awhile!!! It’s turned out really cold again too. I love summer!!!

    What can we do while I’m down your way? Would you believe that today I had a wild itch and just made a batch of chocolate eclairs. I haven’t made them for years. Our friends want us to do something with them this evening and so I thought that I’d make some dessert. She’s a really, really good cook and I don’t know if she makes these or not, but I’ll find out. Maybe someday I’ll get someone to show me how to take these pictures off the email and then I’ll really have a great time.
    Love you!!! Thanks again, you do good work! G’ma

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