Sibling Lunch

Since we were leaving today and we didn’t get to spend too much time with Brandon, Kyrina, Garron and Abby we all met up at the Joseph Smith Building for lunch!  We were originally going to hit the Lion House, but I guess everyone else and their mother decided the same thing. 


We all separated after lunch, but not before we were able to snap a picture of us all!  The only one that was missing was Trissa 😦 .  To answer your unspoken question, no my husband wasn’t mad.  That’s just a face that comes with trying to get your uncooperative two-year old to look at the camera!

We followed Brandon and Kyrina over to their new home which I had yet to see.  They live in a beautiful new area called Daybreak, and that’s just what it looked like as the sun shone down on us through the clouds.  We checked out their home and then they took us for a walk to their park which just happened to have a lake next to it!

On the way to the park we decided to go get some ice cream (as if it wasn’t cold enough).  Brandon, Emma, and I walked back to the house to grab the cars while the others played in the snow-covered sand (a.k.a. MUD).  Emma took a nosedive right onto the sidewalk, but all was okay because her Uncle Brandon scooped her up and held her the rest of the way!

Just as we were getting ready to go get ice cream Mike, Amy, and Jenny showed up.  After lunch they had gone back to Grandma and Grandpa’s to pack and say good-bye.  So, they joined us!

Kyrina took us to a great gelato place where nobody could make up their mind on what to get.  I think we had all had our fill of ice cream by the time we ordered just from all the sampling that went on.

We sat Jacob and Brayden in high chairs next to each other.  It took them a little to get comfortable with each other, but they eventually used Amy as a common denominator!  It’s crazy to think that there’s a year difference between these two boys.  They’re getting to be so big!


Such a great trip!  It’s hard to think that the kids have school at 9:00 in the morning 😦 .  I hope I’m up for that!!!


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