DS Visit

Jacob’s DS came by today.  It seems like we haven’t had that many therapy visits this month.  A lot of them were cancelled due to vacations and sickness.  That just means that over the next several weeks we’re going to have tons of make-up sessions.

Today Kris worked a lot with Jacob on making sounds.  She’s no longer taking just the sign for “more”, he now has to make some type of “mmm” sound.  He can’t get away with “all” for “ball” anymore.  Consequently, we discovered that he is biting his bottom lip when doing the “b” and “m” sounds.  I need to work on having him close his lips when I make him say things.  That will take some thought.

We worked on stacking and nesting the blocks.  Jacob was able to nest the blocks three at a time without us prompting him on the order.

Next, we worked on shape sorting.  Jacob was able to do the sorter with very little prompting as well.  He tends to excel in these types of things.  He does so well with puzzles to!

Yeah!  Progress!!!


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