Stake Conference Bombed!

We dropped Jared off at the airport last night.  With him gone and this morning being stake conference I knew I had a bit of planning and preparing to do.  I had the kids do all their bathing last night, they picked out their clothes and I made sure everything was ironed and ready to go.  I packed a couple of ziploc bags with activities and snacks (something I don’t normally do) so that the kids would be well entertained during the two hours.  You’d think that with all of that and me getting up almost two hours early that would have made everything great!


I was prepared and that the kids were great at getting ready.  We were out the door by 9:05, a full 55 minutes before anything started.  We got to the stake center with 40 minutes to spare and even got a bench seat (some of you know how hard that can be).  Stake conference started and the kids were being amazing, but then they turned the lights off!  It was a stinkin’ broadcast which would have been great if I didn’t have four kids to manage all by myself.  The minute those lights turned off the kids couldn’t see anything.  So there went my great plan to bring activities that they could read and do during the speakers.  They ate snacks but that only lasted so long!

Oh well, it’s over now and I hope I never have to do that again anytime soon!


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