Library Day

Since the kids had the day off school we all went and picked up Jenny and grabbed a few more wedding supplies.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken all four of them out.  On our way back to the house Benjamin asked if we could stop by the library so that he could grab a few more books.  I was about to shoot him down and then I realized that it was a great idea!  Who doesn’t dream for the day when their kids ask if they can get more books to read?

I love the library near us.  It is on the smaller size, but the kids’ section is well stocked with great books and even a little area full of puzzles to occupy younger hands.  Jacob entertained himself with puzzle after puzzle while I directed the other kids to their different sections.  Benjamin got 8 books, Emma got another 8, Joseph got 4, and Jacob got one board book that he simply wouldn’t put down!  We are reading fiends!



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