Getting Ready for School

So, I’m trying to get everyone ready for school (everyone has some type of school/ therapy today) and I was sure that since I’m still single (Jared out of town) that it would be extra difficult.  It’s hard every other day, why would it be any different today?  I guess I was wrong and I underestimated my kids.

They all woke up and got dressed, made their beds, got their hair prepped (wet, gelled, brushed, hair accessories picked out) all before coming in to say good morning!  They were completely ready to go at 8:15!  Minus breakfast.  When I came out of my room to get Jacob dressed and ready I found ALL four kids reading books and talking so nicely to one another.



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2 responses to “Getting Ready for School

  1. Shelise Mayer

    When I saw that picture, before reading your post, I thought to myself, “that is one of the best pictures a set of mom eyes could ever see.” You have darling children.

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