Mason Jar Centerpiece

I was supposed to spend this morning tying ribbon to the 125 mason jars I have on my kitchen counter!  I started taking them out of the boxes that we’ve been storing them in only to find that they were all dirty.  So, I got to hand wash and dry 125 mason jars in less than an hour.  Jacob had his Hanen Therapist coming at 11:00 so that gave me very little time to work with.  I was scared to death that one of the kids (mostly Jacob) would come over and pull one of the towels down that the jars were drying on and then there would go my weeks of planning, saving, and collecting.  Luckily, no one came near the kitchen while I was working, although the therapist did come 10 minutes early.

I had a sort of mini panic attack about this wedding cake that I designed.  In my head it looks amazing!  It’s the part about getting it out of my mind and making it actually happen that’s got me a bit stumped.  I’ve realized several ways to construct it but now it’s just finding the one that will not make it look cheap and ridiculous.  Probably the only reason why I’m second guessing and freaking myself out is because this is a wedding and not just a little birthday party.  People are going to be photographing the heck out of this thing and it’s going to be shown to their children years later.  That’s a lot of pressure!



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One response to “Mason Jar Centerpiece

  1. Joan Combs

    Wow!! what a chunk you’ve bitten off… You’re going to do really good and it’ll be a masterpiece… Can’t wait to see the finished product as well as all the decorations and stuff!!! Love, G’ma

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