Crunch and Blow!

We all learned from Everybody Loves Raymond that when you get something stuck up your nose all you have to do is “crunch and blow“.  I think the object in question on the show was some sort of breakfast cereal.

I never thought that anything good would come from watching that show, except for maybe a half hour of mindless laughter.  Today, however, this lesson came in quit handy when Joseph decided to stick a green bead up his nose in the middle of Primary!  Granted the crunching part didn’t really apply, but instead of freaking out (because he had it up there for a long time and had been trying to get it out on his own before he came and told me what happened and only succeeded in pushing it further up his nose) we tried blowing his nose!  And what do you know, it came out on the third blow!!!

I’m really starting to dread what he’s going to be like as a teenager.  It’s not just from this experience but from the MANY experiences we’ve had over his four, very long, years of life!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up 🙂 .


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