Right now it’s the small things

It really is the small things that are making my week amazingly happy!

We’re off to a good start, as far as Mondays go.  I’m sitting here turning on and off 132 battery operated candles to make sure that they work.  It is a little time-consuming, but I know how amazing they’re going to look in the mason jars so I’ll gladly spend 15-20 minutes doing this.

I was really nervous that they wouldn’t arrive in time.  I mean, talk about cutting it close to the deadline, we’re only 5 days away!  Note to self: Next time you’re planning a wedding, just make the executive decision and buy the candles a couple of months before.  Yes, I’ve wanted to buy them several months ago but I was waiting to hear feedback from others before I did anything about it.  In the end, I never did get that feedback that I was looking for!

I finished baking all the cake for the wedding cake.  I still need to make 50 cupcakes, but that will be a piece of cake (no pun intended).  I have four layers of vanilla bean and four layers of triple chocolate chip wrapped up in my freezer.  Then my friend came over and spent three hours giving me a crash course on “how to create a wedding cake”.  It’s going to be a lot more difficult than I imagined.  It’s those dang cake shows!  They make everything look so easy! 🙂  No, I think we’ll be fine, I just need to make sure to start earlier on Friday than I thought.



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4 responses to “Right now it’s the small things

  1. Paul Davies

    Are you doing all of the wedding yourself? Is my sister doing any of it?

  2. Paul Davies

    I posted a DVD so I hope it gets there on time. Hope you enjoy it

  3. Jennifer Anne Davies

    Don’t be modest Brianna, you have done all the wonderful table decorations. Paul, Amy is just starting to feel overwhelmed by it all especially I think she is worrying about filling all the forms in for immigration so she is very stressed at the moment but she’ll be ok as she is well loved over here especially by Mike!

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