Pretzels are done!

Ah, they are finally all done!  All 220 pretzel sticks are covered in white almond bark!  What’s almond bark, you ask?  It’s a product that I prefer to use over chocolate.  It handles better, in that it doesn’t melt as quickly and I do think I prefer the taste over chocolate.

I bought a couple floral wreaths to stick the pretzels into while they continued to dry.  I ended up fitting about 40-45 pretzels onto each foam piece.  Here’s a picture of two of the foam pieces holding about 85 sticks and ready for transport to my mother’s house where there is more counter space and fewer little hands!

It was $2.50 per package of almond bark (found at WalMart) and $5.99 for each pretzel package (found at World Market).  I needed three packages of pretzels and two packages of almond bark to get everything done that I needed to.  This dessert was done for under $23 and about 5 hours of time.  It is an inexpensive treat, but very time-consuming.  Probably because you have to stand still and let the bark drip off the pretzel for some time.  The fact that I had to keep stopping and running to pick up and drop off kids didn’t help either.


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