Change of plans

It’s so weird.  I had a full day and night scheduled and all of a sudden … I’m FREE!!!

I was supposed to finish making all the shortbread cookies, finish making Benjamin’s leprechaun trap, I had a Hanen therapy class tonight from 6-8, and then I was supposed to make a quick appearance at a baby shower from 7-9.

Since I finished making Benjamin’s leprechaun trap this morning, Hanen was cancelled due to the instructor having the flu, and the baby shower was cancelled because the mother went into labor and so now it’s postponed for a few weeks, all that leaves me with is the shortbread cookies!  It’s a weird feeling to not being going 100 mph.  I don’t want to let my guard down (even as I’m saying this, I’m starting to feel complacency creep in) because what if this is just a way for Heavenly Father to prepare me for something that will pop-up out of nowhere?


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  1. ilove this leprachaun trap its the best!u did a great job!

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