Reception Set-up

Right after I dropped the kids off at school Joseph, Jacob and I ran back to the house and filled up the car with everything for the reception hall.  I even packed a baby gate so that I could lock my kids in one of the nursery rooms to play while I ran around and directed traffic 🙂 .

I was able to snap a few shots as the men were draping the cultural hall.  Michael and Amy’s one stipulation for the reception was that it not look like they were in the church.  I think we got pretty darn close to that!

By late afternoon, the draping across the ceiling was complete as well as the twinkle lights!  We got to work the rest of the time with the lights off and all the twinkle lights on.  It gave me a burst of adrenaline to realize that everything was coming together so quickly.  Obviously there was still soooo much to do, but it was coming along nicely!

At one point I had to leave the hall and go pick up Emma from the bus.  I wasn’t planning on coming back for a few hours because the kids needed lunch and the little ones needed naps.  So, I gave my little slaves marching orders and my cell number to call if they had any questions.  To be honest, I don’t know how it happened that I was running the whole thing but everyone kept coming up and asking me where to put this and what to do with that.  It wasn’t a role that I had jockeyed for, but it’s one that I shouldered nonetheless.

We did run into a bit of a snag when it came to the table centerpieces.  I had planned on having one triangular picture frame in the center and then surround it with mason jars but the jars were almost as tall as the picture frames so I had to make a quick stop at the dollar store.  Once there, I bought 14 rectangular pieces of floral foam.  I took them home, left the wrappers on them, and hot glued two of them together to form a square.  That gave me 7 squares of floral foam, one for each table’s center.  You can see Trissa centering the squares on the table and then draping an aqua table cloth over the top of it.  Having the foam under the frames like that gave it the couple of inches it needed to be seen over the tops of the mason jars.


Everyone worked so hard today to get as much done as possible.  There are still several thing that need to be done that can’t be done until tomorrow.  Poor Jenny (right) and Chris (left) worked tirelessly in the kitchen getting the Banoffee pies prepped and ready.  They could only fill the little cups with the crumb base, caramel, and toffee today.  Tomorrow they’ll have to slice and add the bananas, whipped cream, and shred chocolate on top of that.  The hardest part today was the fact that every time they filled a cup with caramel, no matter how careful they were, they had to wipe the sides off because the caramel was less than cooperative.  They were a pain, but they looked gorgeous and oh so scrumptious!



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One response to “Reception Set-up

  1. Marcie Smith

    Where did you find the long pieces of white material? What kind of material is it? And lastly, how did you make the white fan looking backdrops?

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