Rush Order of 100 Cupcakes

So, I had planned on making four dozen cupcakes (48) and having another four dozen donuts for people to eat instead of the wedding cake, since that won’t be cut until the very end.  My dad kinda dropped a bomb on me just a minute ago thinking that we wouldn’t have enough cupcakes, especially if people take both a cupcake and a donut.  So, I need to run home and start baking cupcakes, something I wasn’t planning on doing until later tonight.


So, you’d think it would have taken me longer than three hours to bake 96 cupcakes, but it didn’t 🙂 !!!  I now have 48 triple chocolate chip and 48 vanilla bean cupcakes ready to go for tomorrow!

I ran to Albertson’s and bought several cake cover/carrier things from their bakery.  Did you know you could do that?  Since I don’t need the cupcakes until tomorrow evening if I left the cupcakes out overnight and all day tomorrow they’d probably be hard, or at least not nice and moist like I want them to be.  So, having these carrier things will allow me to bake and frost everything now so that I have time tomorrow to focus entirely on the wedding cake.  I did place a small amount of frosting onto the base of the carrier and then placed the cupcake on top of it.  It acted like glue so that I’ll be able to transport them easier tomorrow!

Today was an amazing day of learning.  First lesson, was how important eggs are in making cupcakes.  At some point, as I was trying to whiz through these suckers, I realized that I had forgotten to add eggs.  Sure enough, when the timer went off and it was time to take them out of the oven, they had completely caved in.  So just remember, no matter how hurried you are, it pays to take your time and make sure you follow all the steps or you’ll pay for it later!

The second thing I learned was the crazy amount of frosting you use to decorate a cupcake.  A friend of mine gave me a huge 15 POUND bucket of whipped frosting that she got at Sam’s Club.  I was so sure that I wasn’t going to need even half that amount, but as I scrapped the bottom of the bucket for my last 25 cupcakes I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t have enough.  Who would have thought that it would take about 13 pounds of frosting to cover 96 cupcakes?  Not me!

Phew!!!  Crisis averted!


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