Mr. and Mrs. Michael Combs

It couldn’t have been a more brilliant day for a wedding!  The temperature was 75 degrees with a slight breeze.  Finally, spring is here!!!

The sealing was at 11:30 but our day started long before that.  At 7:00 am Jared grabbed the eight dozen donuts that I had ordered earlier in the week.  We started off with 48 glazed and 48 cruller.  We ended up with three less than that.  I swear, my sneaky little worms keep thwarting everything that I do.  It didn’t set me off that much, at least it wasn’t the wedding cake that they played with!  Thank goodness for that!

We just go ready as if  we were going to church.  The kids were going to stay outside with Trissa and Brandon and Kyrina while we were inside.  I was a little nervous about that because I still wanted them to look somewhat presentable when we came out and not have grass stains and messed up hair and whatever else little kids can get into.

It was such a wonderful surprise to walk into the sealing room and see my uncle who had driven down from Salt Lake the night before.  I had no idea he was even coming into town!  It was made even more special because Grandpa Combs was given special permission from the First Presidency to do the sealing.  He’s a sealer in the Salt Lake Temple but since Michael and Amy were getting married in the Las Vegas Temple, the Presidency gave him like a one day pass to perform his grandson’s sealing.  It was made a little more special for our family because Amy asked Jared to be a witness.  With her father is no longer in the picture and her brother not being able to make it all the way from England, Jared was one of the bigger male influences in her life.  She could have asked anyone to be a witness, which made her decision to ask him all the more special.  Such a wonderful day!

After the ceremony, I was privileged to go into the bride’s room and help Amy get ready to greet her family and friends as the newest member of the Combs family 🙂 .  She was absolutely radiant!

Once I got outside, I was able to see the kids and that they were still in one piece.  More importantly, that Brandon and Kyrina were still in one piece after watching so many little ones.  Not only did they have my four (7 years, 5 years, 4 years, and 2 years) but then they had Olivea (18 months) and Owen (5 months), and their own one year old, Brayden!  That is a lot to take on for a full hour!

Once Michael and Amy joined us that’s when everyone who was anyone started taking pictures!!!  Including me 🙂 .  Mine are mostly candid shots, but I did get to take some nice pictures of Garron and Abby’s family.  And they, in turn, took a picture of mine!  It was nice to finally be in a picture with my husband and kids!!!

I love this picture of my dad and Joseph talking because you’d never know that they were having this seriously involved conversation about trolls!!!  I know, trolls of all things!  But they were on Joseph’s mind and I love how my dad was completely enthralled!





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4 responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Michael Combs

  1. Jade McClellan

    Are her flowers made out of socks and scrunchies?

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