The Reception

Let me tell you, I really haven’t felt stressed or overwhelmed at all this week while I’ve been doing all the preparations, but I sure felt it about an hour before the reception began (5 pm).  There were so many last-minute things that needed to be done…

… like flipping on all the little battery operated candles…

… making sure all the food was set out properly…

… filling the drinks dispensers with lemonade, milk, and water…

… and other little things.  Then, to top it all off, I had to somehow figure out how to assemble the wedding cake.

The cake took a lot longer than I had anticipated, mostly because of a few minor details that I couldn’t anticipate beforehand.  It never occurred to me how important it would be to have a cake bake evenly.  Even though it was level on top, and even when I placed the support dowels and vases on top of the cakes everything was level.  But when I placed the cake on top of the support pieces it all started to lean 😦 .  And quite heavily too.  I tried to compensate as much as I could (hence the top cake situated more to one side than directly in the middle) but eventually I had to leave it alone and just tell Michael that he had to cut the cake from the right side instead of the left so that it wouldn’t fall over on him and Amy 🙂 .  I guess these are things that you learn from experience, but I sure wish I wouldn’t have had to learn at my brother’s wedding!

I do have to say that it looked quite stunning!  So many people kept commenting on how they forgot they were in the church, how everything seemed to flow so well.  But most importantly, I got an amazing hug from Amy and her telling me how perfect everything was!

To top the night off, Michael had contacted Amy’s older brother, Paul, and asked if he could prepare a toast.  Unbeknownst to Amy, Michael set up a Skype session during the reception where her brother was on the big screen!  Paul was such a good sport about everything especially since it was 3:00 in the morning over in England.

What a wonderful day, and what a wonderful night.  We were all so lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who love and support Michael and Amy.  I wish them all the luck on their journey through life together!!!  It’s an amazing ride!



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12 responses to “The Reception

  1. Becky Limb

    Looks beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Linsie Limb Draper

    Awesome! Love the fabric! That’s what we were going to do if our reception was at a church. The food looks great and what a unique cake! Nice job!

  3. Clydia Davis

    I just finally saw some pictures!! You really did a great job!! You should be proud of yourself 🙂 Sorry I missed it!!

    • Brianna Johnson

      Hahaha! I tried! And I think I’m more relieved than proud. There was always that little part of me that kept saying it wouldn’t work, so I’m just glad nothing bad happened

  4. Natalie Bergquist

    Just curious but when are you going to post pictures of the wedding cake?

  5. Natalie Bergquist

    Awesome! How did I miss that? Everything looked amazing! Job well done =)

  6. Brianna Johnson

    Thanks, Natalie

  7. Katie Nelson

    yay finally! soo cute!

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