DS Therapy

Jacob is still having trouble eating foods, but he has stopped biting the bottom of the sippy cup and is sucking better.  Doesn’t that sound bad!

Kris used Mr. Potato Head to work on body parts and speech.  He said “shoes”, “eye”, and needed prompting for “mmm” again.  He said “h” for hat and “ah” for arm.  He pointed to all of his body parts on que.

Next, we worked on matching with the shape sorter barn.  He was able to put four pieces in all by himself.  He said “sh” with prompt for sheep.

We worked on stringing beads.  He still needs help with this but is doing much better.  I think it has to do with the string.  When Rebecca, his OT does it she uses a skewer with a bead glued to the end of it.  It makes it a bit easier so that he doesn’t get frustrated and give up half way through.

We’ll continue working on stringing beads and matching. 


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