Trissa’s Legally an Adult

We had everyone over to celebrate Trissa becoming an adult!  I can’t believe she’s 18!!!

Well, I got to kill two birds with one stone yesterday.  For cake class I was required to bring a baked cake of my choosing and 2 pounds of buttercream frosting.  There were several other things that I needed to bring but the point was that we were learning different ways to frost, fill, and decorate a cake.  I chose to bake a Funfetti cake because it’s my sister’s favorite.  I thought that I could decorate it last night and then we could eat it tonight.  And that’s just what we did!

There are so many fun things that I learned from last nights class, but the best part was how to make a dam and fill your cake.  I chose vanilla pudding and it was awesome!!!

Happy Birthday, Tree!  Love you like a sister 😉 !!!


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One response to “Trissa’s Legally an Adult

  1. Trissa Combs

    Thank you again Brianna for the AMAZING b-day cake! 😀 I LOVE it! You’re the best! I love you! ♥ 🙂

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