Physical Therapy (pain)

Jacob practiced squatting to get either animals or balls and then get up to stand, reach up on tip toes to place into the appropriate container.  It was so many different exercises all crammed into one.  The good thing was that it didn’t give Jacob a chance to figure out exactly what she wanted him to do so that he couldn’t put up a fight.

He practiced kicking a soft ball.  He was really into this one.  He would alternate between kicking it to Kristen, throwing it, or catching it.  It was, again, a bunch of exercises all in one!

Then came the stairs!  He practiced walking up a couple of the stairs to get bean bags and throw them into a bucket about 3 feet away.  He always leads with the left leg going up and with the left leg going down.  It’s my job to work on holding back the left leg so that he’ll be forced to lead with the right both ways.  Hopefully that will even out some of the muscle strength.


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